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I look forward to hearing from you! To contact Veganarchy, please use the contact form below and I will get back to you as soon as possible!
I receive a lot of emails every day, so make sure it’s as accurate as possible, descriptive and includes all required details for a timely quote.
NOTE: For personal order quotes; make sure you include flavour (see our menu page), choose your cake size or cupcakes (include a quantity for cupcakes: 6 per flavour for regular, 12 per flavour for minis), if gluten free is required, decoration requests, delivery suburb, and date and time of delivery/pickup is required!

Please check our FAQ page before contacting us, your answer might be there!

Veganarchy is a (very) small, one person, operation and because of the volume of emails I receive some may go missed, I do endeavour to reply to all emails.
Due to time constraints and the volume of orders I receive understanding is appreciated if I can’t cater to your order or miss your email.
Within a week of the order date may not be possible, my time is usually fully booked a month in advance. Just keep in mind ‘the earlier, the better!’ I often take last minute orders, so it doesn’t hurt to email! I do love to bake after all! 🙂