Veganarchy Sweets & Eats

Allergen Free, 100% Vegan catering business based in Canberra ACT.


Veganarchy bakes delicious cupcakes + other yummy treats, fresh and on request using organic + fair-trade ingredients where possible, we can cater for all your special events: birthdays, morning + afternoon teas, for offices events, engagements, weddings, movie marathons, really… just any time you can think of to eat sweets!

Like most small businesses, Veganarchy started as a hobby, with Gabrielle Carr spending hours baking, tweaking and taste testing at home. Realising there wasn’t any choice for vegans and allergy suffers in Canberra, Gabrielle quickly progressed to offering up tasty treats for donation at local shows, and holding quarterly fund raising events, raising money for the RSPCA and Animal Liberation.

From this, Veganarchy Sweets and Eats was born. With 7 years of vegan baking under her belt Gabrielle has developed an extensive catalogue of sweets. Focusing on making quality vegan baked goods that will rival any counterpart, Veganarchy has now begun catering for private, public, corporate and personal events.

With the goal of opening a vegan bakery + cafe in Canberra Australia, for now Veganarchy is concentrating on the wholesale and catering market expanding clientele, further developing her skills and repertoire, showcasing her products at markets and proving that no animals need to be harmed to make a delicious moist cake, a melt in your mouth cookie or slice.

Veganarchy are currently in the final stages of getting their vegan sausages, schnitzels and burger patties in health food stores and co-operatives.

Cupcakes in exchange for donations at a house show. Photo by John Hatfield

Cupcakes in exchange for donations at a house show 2011. Photo by John Hatfield


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